We are the official POLA agent and POLA distributor for Australia/New Zealand.  All products come directly from POLA Headquarters in Japan.

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We shall become the brand that understands the most about skin so that we can deliver true skincare results.

POLA developed a unique skin analysis system and gathered over 15 million * pieces of skin data.  Through the original research, we created POLA’s Bio-Active Theory for giving nourishment directly to each cell to revitalize skin from the cellular level, which led to the finest products in the skincare field.

POLA also provides its own skin treatment methods and skincare approaches which were developed from its skin analysis for the best result.

Providing the best products together with expert personalized treatment to each and every customer is our commitment since our foundation in 1929.

*as of Dec 2014

Pola has earned a global reputation for advanced, high quality skincare and cosmetic products.

Founded by Japanese businessman Mr Shinobu Suzuki in 1929; Pola is an exclusive Japanese cosmetics house that is renowned for its advanced skincare, cosmetics and high quality products. Pola’s first product was a specially formulated cream for Mr Suzuki’s wife. The formulation was so remarkable; friends and neighbours became devoted customers.

Since then, Pola Skincare and Cosmetics has become renowned worldwide for our advanced, high quality products for women and men. From humble beginnings, we have expanded our commitment to helping people look and feel their best throughout life.

Using the highest quality standards, advanced technology, and the finest natural ingredients sourced from all over the world, Pola has developed an extensive range of skincare, cosmetic, body and hair care products to give you effective results – whether you are looking for anti-ageing treatments, pigmentation control, hydration to sun protection; Pola has the perfect range for you.


Pola The Beauty Salon in Japan


Pola is internationally recognised as a world leader in research and development.

Our naturally-based skincare and cosmetics ranges are some of the most tested on the Australian market, with scientists spending at least five years researching, developing and testing each product before releasing it to consumers.


Pola display in China

Eight decades of innovation

1938 – At the time, a bar of soap was the common cleanser. Pola pioneered the creation of a cream type facial wash to cleanse the face. The product was called Facial Wash Cream.

1958 – Pola release the world’s first foam mask (Vanishing Pack).

1961 – Pola develops S and R, Silky and Rich, products that have a different texture to match various skin types (e.g. normal to oily skin and normal to dry skin).

1982 – Pola pioneer the formulation of hyaluronic acid in cosmetic products, now used by many skincare companies as a hydrator.

1984 – Pola introduce the highly absorbent brightening ingredient AP (vitamin C derivative) into a cosmetic product for the first time.

1998 – Pola create a quasi-drug ingredient named ‘Rucinol’ to help brighten the skin.

2001 – Pola release an essence formulated with Ursolic Acid Derivative, that focuses on the reconstruction of collagen. The product is Wrinkle Shot.

2006 – Pola launch the most luxurious essence “Grandluxe”.

In recent years, Pola has won numerous awards for our products, research and technology.


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