BA Everyday Christmas Skincare Set


The BA Wash in this set has SOLD OUT, the other components of the set are available individually.


Pola Black Elastisised Headband, White Facial Towel, Spatula, Travel Pack, BA Cream 3g valued at $90

The Every Day Set contains;

BA Cleansing Cream 130g
The ultimate treatment cleansing cream with a powerful cleansing action that melts into the skin immediately on application.  So effective it removes even waterproof makeup quickly and without trace. Dissolving all makeup, dust, perspiration, pollution and impurities. Melts away sebum clogged in pores.

BA Wash 100g
An exceptional treatment wash leaves the skin feeling clear, beautifully hydrated and touchably soft.  Remarkably rich foam keeps the skin moisturized whilst the high-density lather creates a rich mask of foam that removes impurities.

BA Lotion 120ml
A rich treatment lotion that instantly creates hydrated and dimensionally firm skin with volume.  Permeates deep into the skin leaving the skin supple and firm.

BA Milk 80ml
A silky soft treatment milk that blends instantly into the skin.  Skin is left smooth with an instant boost for a plumped, hydrated and radiant look.

Synergy Effect – Each item works to prepare a perfect foundation for the following item in the range, maximising the skincare effect when products are used in combination.  This synergy effect locks moisture and healthy oils into the skin for an immediate effect.


Out of Stock

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