Estina 3 Product Pack (II) S

30% off while stocks last!

Great for travelling or trialling the products. Valued at $15+, will last approximately 7-10 days.  Suitable  for normal to oily skin. Set contains;

Whip Clear Wash II 8g
This micro fine & luxurious facial wash, lathers to a gentle foam, rinsing away any impurities, leaving skin fresh and clean.

Vitalizing Lotion II 8ml
This lotion hydrates skin leaving it smooth and fresh helping to restore a fine, supple complexion. Use after cleansing and before moisturising.

Vitalizing Milk II 5ml
A refreshing daily milk perfect for oily skin, maintaining moisture balance without the greasy texture, leaving the skin’s surface smooth and silky.

RRP: $9.00   Save 30% $6.30

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