Estina Alvita Set (II)

Presented in a Clear Zip Bag the Set Contains;

Whip Clear Wash II (120g)– Whipped cream like foam gently rinses away impurities, while replenishing essential moisture for normal to oily, sensitive skin.  Re-stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Vitalizing Lotion II (150ml)- Hydrating, refreshing lotion that delivers moisture, leaving skin supple.

Vitalizing Milk II (80ml) – Highly moisturising milk retains hydration while smoothing the skin’s surface.  The moisture veil covers the skin and locks moisture in, while maintaining moisture balance without the greasy texture.

3 piece sample set containing Vitalizing Lotion II, Vitalizing Milk II and Whip Clear Wash II.

Available in:

Type II (S) for normal to oily, sensitive skin

Type I (R) for normal to dry, sensitive skin



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