Estina Alvita Set (I)

The Set Contains;

Whip Clear Wash I (120g)– Whipped cream like foam gently rinses away impurities, while replenishing essential moisture for normal to dry, sensitive skin.  Re-stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Vitalizing Lotion I (150ml)- Hydrating, refreshing lotion that delivers moisture, leaving skin supple.

Vitalizing Milk I (80ml) – Highly moisturising milk retains hydration while smoothing the skin’s surface.  The moisture veil covers the skin and locks moisture in, while maintaining moisture balance without the greasy texture.

Includes samples of Vitalising Lotion I 8ml, Vitalising Milk I 5ml and Whip Clear Wash I 8ml.

Available in:

Type I (R) for normal to dry, sensitive skin

Type II (S) for normal to oily, sensitive skin




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