Polissima Set II (S)

Set contains the 3 following full-sized products;

1. Aqua Clean (120g)

This gentle foam treats your skin as it cleans for a moist, smooth finish. An exceptionally effective water-soluble cleanser, the creamy, light texture foams into a rich lather. Removes any remaining traces of makeup, dirt and residue from the skin. Enhances blood circulation and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean. Not only cleans, but leaves a natural layer of sebum film which protects the skin.

2. Toning Lotion (120ml)

Specially formulated to provide just the right amount of moisture for normal to oily skin.  Has whitening effect on melanin pigments and stimulates blood vessels to restore balance in the skin. Use after cleansing and before moisturising.

3. Moisture Milk (90ml)

Non-greasy, easily absorbed moisturiser for dry skin. Helps prevent moisture loss and maintain skins moisture balance. Protects skin from environmental bacteria.

Available in R (normal to dry) and S (normal to oily)



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