Red BA Complete Set

This set contains the 6 following full sized products including bonus items of RED BA Lotion 8ml, Milk 8ml, Cleansing Cream 9g and Wash 9g.

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Cleansing Cream 120g
Transforms immediately from a cream to an abundant oil to remove all impurities gently, skin becomes supple filled with moisture and clarity.

Wash 100g
This moist rich wash lathers gently to capture impurities deep in pores leaving the skin clean and fresh while retaining moisture in the skin.

Massage Cream 80g
Massage away any stress with this thick and moist massage cream for smoother, supple and resilient skin.

Lotion 120ml
Rich moisturizing lotion with high hydration penetrates deep inside the skin.

Milk 80ml
The rich emulsion with serum texture, melts and blends with the skin leaving the skin silky, soft and firm.

Cream 30g
Continuously replenishes moisture during sleep so that visible effects can be seen the next morning. The skin becomes soft and supple with elasticity.

Synergy Effect – Each item works to prepare a perfect foundation for the following item in the range, maximising the skincare effect when products are used in combination.  This synergy effect locks moisture and healthy oils into the skin for an immediate effect.


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