Whitissimo Skincare Set

This set contains the 3 following full-sized products;

1. Wash Clear (120g)

Gently washes away impurities with a soft lather, revealing clean and fresh skin prepared for intensive brightening care.  This foaming face wash removes dead skin cells, melanin and dirt clogged in the pores. Skin is left clear and revitalised. With melanin control and brightening capsule. Anti-inflammatory and prevents clogged pores.

2. Lotion (150ml)

Lotion that penetrates deep into the skin, contains ‘Brightening Capsules’ for an immediate & visible result. Contains Brightening Capsules to reconstruct the skin’s foundation for visibly radiant and clear skin. Provides moisture to sun-damaged skin, keeping it soft and smooth.  Use before moisturising.

3. Milk UV Protect SPF15+ (60ml)

3-in-1 multipurpose product – brightening moisturiser, UV Shield with a tint. A lightly tinted daytime moisturiser, which gently corrects and brightens skin tone. UV Protected Polymer ensures protection from the elements. Repairs daytime sun damage.


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